Planting these trees can you feel lucky.

  • A plant in our home or a tree in our backyard not only creates a pleasant environment but also offers a relaxing view. Hence, greenery has a special role to play in Vastu Shastra, the art of optimising spaces. Various shastras, like the Garud Puran, Rup Mandal and others, emphasise on the importance of plants and trees in our lives.
  • A healthy plant not only affects us physically, but emotionally too. While designing one’s garden, we can also use Vastu guidelines to make life easy and prosperous.
  • Vastu Shastra provides the location of plants and trees as per their appearance and properties. Vastu Shastra lays down guidelines on all aspects of house designing, including the planting of auspicious trees and plants around the house. One enters the house compound through themain gate. If space permits it, people like to have a small garden in the front as well as at the back.
  • The Peepul tree is considered the most auspicious tree, and is also known as the Aswatha tree. Scientists have found that oxygen is produced in large amounts by the leaves of this tree, especially under the branches, probably due to the thick foliage. Hence, it is considered very healthy to circumambulate the tree in the mornings. It is also prohibited to cut this tree. yet, one should not plant it too close to one’s house, since the tree has far-spreading roots which can affect the foundation of the building in due course of time.
  • This tree has great medicinal value, its extract even being used in pesticides. Its twigs are used to brush teeth while its oil is used in physiotherapy. Since neem leaves are very bitter, a mixture of neem leaves, tender green mango, and jaggery are eaten on Ugadi or the New Year in South India, as a symbolic gesture, so that one is prepared to face the sweet as well as the sour and bitter experiences of the coming year, with equanimity. Therefore, this is a good tree to have in the garden of a house garden.
  • Most parts of the mango tree have medicinal value. It’s leaves are used as a pesticide, and its twigs are used for brushing teeth. Its leaves are also used for puja purposes. It is considered very auspicious if the dead are cremated using firewood from the mango tree. Then, of course, the mango fruit is the king among fruits and very tasty. Raw mangoes are used for making pickles as well as vegetables. Mango trees also have a very long life and can survive for as many as 400-500 years. Obviously, this is also a very useful tree to have in your garden.
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