A direct descadant of the biblical hortus conclusus,the garden of love is a place of happiness and seduction where perfect harmony reigns between man and nature.According to the medieval country tradition,Den symbolizes the springtime of the world,the season when all is reborn and returns to a new life.Spring brings hope and is thus directly linked to the notion of Earthly Paradise.The celebration of the season,dating back at least as far as the Song of Solomon,became a common literary motify in the Middle Ages and found its loftiest espression in Le Roman de la Rose.The fundamental difference between the garden of Eden and the garden of love is that lovers can freely enjoy the garden’s fruits without violating any prohibitions for which the punishment is death.In the garden of love,we no longer encounter the theme of obedience and disobedience.Rather,lovers may revel in the company of others and enjoy the pleasures of table,which predispose them to amorous propositions.Musicians sometimes appear to entertain the lovers,who in turn might engage in the pleasures of playing a psalteryor viol.The owners of the great gardens of Europe had many occasions for holding parties,oftentimes celebrating or solemnizing political events such as the birth or marriage of a sovereign,the arrival for a foreign dignitary,or the sealing of important political alliances.By using theatrical stage sets,it was possible to organize the garden space for many diverse purposes.

Aside from serving as a charming environment for parties and amorous encounters,the garden was also the appointed place for sports and athletic activities.Hunting,for e.g.,was a favourite pastime of the nobility since ancient times.It was practiced mostly in artificial”wildernesses,”groves created to accentuate the wild look of the place and serve as breeding grounds for game.Because of this passion for the hunt,it became common practice to build country houses in parks.Usually the elements in the garden reflect the vrtues of the person portrayed,and the garden itself,taken as a whole,will highlight his or her social and cultural standing,lineage,or some fundamental moment in the individual’s life,providing at the same time,an image of the person’s magnificient estate.Sometimes a plant may appear as a symbol of the person’s passion for a certain species of exotic plant,or simply to underscore the subject’s interest in botany.